Miami Herald Endorses Marco Rubio

But it’s hardly a ringing endorsement. From the editorial board of the Miami Herald:

We disagree with the Cuban-American senator on many issues — abortion, gun control, Obamacare, climate change, diplomacy with Cuba, and have frowned upon his frequent absences in the Senate. Still, he does not occupy the same extremist terrain proudly claimed by Sen. Ted Cruz. He has not led fights to shut down the government, accused his party’s leader in the Senate of working for the other side, or vowed to “carpet bomb” anyone.

Sen. Rubio’s support among party leaders and the faithful makes him the best choice to unite a fractured GOP. His Senate colleagues, especially Republicans, respect him — not so with Mr. Cruz. Among Republican voters who have made up their minds at the last minute, Sen. Rubio is by far the favorite, suggesting that he is the candidate of choice for the most thoughtful.

As the campaign has developed, he has moved to the right — too far for many Floridians, no doubt — but this is a traditional tactic in a long election year. He may well mellow his views later on, but conservatives should have no doubts: He may not be an extremist like Ted Cruz, but his conservative credentials are solid. He’s a consistent favorite among traditional conservative organizations, with a voting record to match.