LIVE AUDIO: North Carolina Legislature Holds Special Session On Repealing Charlotte’s LGBT Rights Law

LISTEN HERE RIGHT NOW. From Charlotte’s ABC affiliate:

Republican General Assembly leaders began a one-day special session Wednesday morning after enough lawmakers requested to reconvene now instead of waiting until late April. They’re responding to worries from constituents and conservative activists about provisions related to transgender people and restrooms. The session began with a House committee meeting, which WXII’s Bill O’Neil reported was packed.

The proposed legislation is expected to go beyond pre-empting Charlotte’s ordinance by stopping other towns, cities and counties from passing their own nondiscrimination rules based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Gay-rights groups say the repeal effort is wrong and would deny gays and lesbians, bisexual and transgender people essential protections at public accommodations like hotels and restaurants. Any legislation would go to Gov. Pat McCrory’s desk.