Liberty Counsel Loses AGAIN As SCOTUS Refuses To Hear Appeal Of New Jersey’s Ban On Ex-Gay Torture

The Supreme Court has denied cert on Liberty Counsel’s appeal seeking to overturn New Jersey’s ban on ex-gay torture. How many losses does this make for Liberty Counsel in just the last year? Mat Staver is missing Antonin Scalia:

“In a country born on the will to be free, it is a sad day when that nation turns its back on the most vulnerable among us and refuses to protect the very freedom upon which this nation was founded,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Our client’s life was saved by this counseling, and now he will not be able to receive it because activists seek to completely silence the viewpoint that Christ can change lives and that individuals can receive freedom from their unwanted same-sex attractions,” Staver continued.

“As a result of today’s decision, our client – whose life was literally saved by this counseling – has been told by his government that it does not care about that or about his values,” said Staver. “We pray for our client and countless other minors like him in New Jersey who have now been denied their basic freedom of self-determination,” Staver said.

“Supreme Court experts were closely watching this case because there were signs that the Court would take up the matter to address the important First Amendment claims and resolve the conflicts between this case and other cases, including a conflict with a decision last year from the Supreme Court that was favorable to our position. One can only speculate whether the absence of Justice Scalia is already being felt by this unexpected turn of events. Replacing Justice Scalia with someone who shares his view that the original meaning of the Constitution should be respected is critical to maintaining the rule of law,” concluded Staver.

Staver conveniently fails to remind his followers that a completely alive Antonin Scalia was sitting on the bench in June 2014 when the Court rejected his appeal of California’s ban on ex-gay torture.doe