KANSAS: Man Allegedly Yelling Trump’s Name Attacks Muslim & Latino Students At Gas Station [VIDEO]

From Wichita’s ABC affiliate:

Wichita police released surveillance video Wednesday of a reported attack on two Wichita State students at a Kwik Shop convenience store near the WSU campus. Khondoker Usama, an alleged victim, stands by his story that a hate crime was committed against him and a friend after seeing the video. “It strengthens my side of the narrative,” said Usama.

Usama tells KAKE News that they were targeted because of the color of their skin by a man who was looking for a fight. “It makes it more clear that we were the victims and this person is the attacker,” he said. Usama says it all started when a man on a motorcycle began yelling racial slurs at a black man outside of the gas station, then turned to them. Usama claims the suspect yelled ‘Brown trash go home,’ followed by, ‘Trump, Trump, Trump’ chants.

“The worst part was him saying Trump will make America great again,” said Usama. Gas station surveillance video shows the suspect pull up to Usama and his friend, get off his motorcycle then walk right up to Usama’s friend. That’s when his friend nudges the suspect first, a move Usama stands by.

“This is totally understandable because if you start a conversation with someone ‘brown trash go home’ and attack the person, I mean, my friend defended himself as anyone would do in this type of situation,” said Usama.

The surveillance video has no audio.