Janet Porter Has The Georgia Sadz: Gov. Nathan Deal Has Totally Criminalized Christianity With His Veto

“Georgia Governor Nathan Deal just pulled a ‘Mike Pence’ and vetoed their Religious Liberty Bill. But the Georgia Bill didn’t protect the corporate or individual religious freedom rights of the bakers and florists, it would have only protected the religious freedom of pastors and religious organizations!

“That’s right, the vetoed bill vehemently opposed by Disney, Time Warner, CBS, MGM, NBC and the NFL, who threatened to bar Atlanta from hosting the Super Bowl, was over a bill that would protect a pastor from being forced to perform a homosexual wedding against his will and protect religious organizations from being forced to hire someone fundamentally opposed to their beliefs.

“Pastors, churches and religious organizations: Welcome to the Criminalization of Christianity.” – Loony tunes hate group leader, failed social media entrepreneur, and failed politician Janet Porter, writing for BarbWire. (No link due to that site’s malware.)