In Search Of The Eagle

JMG reader Ken Schwencke has compiled a listing of current and demised Eagle bars around the world. He writes:

In at least nine countries and 15 U.S. states, you can find the Eagle. In Montreal, it’s called L’Aigle Noir; in Minneapolis, it’s the Eagle Bolt Bar; in New Orleans, it’s a room above another bird bar. But all of these places are unmistakably the Eagle: A family of gay bars with no formal relationship. Think black walls, Bud Light, bearded men and perhaps a large wooden cross with cuffs dangling off. It’s the closest thing gay men have to a global franchise. You can walk into one in many cities and know what you’re in for, like a gay McDonalds.

I’ve been to at least a dozen Eagle bars around the country. My favorite remains the late Fort Lauderdale Eagle, which was in a derelict strip mall next to a McDonald’s, a furniture rental store, and the DMV. Hit the link for the listing.