David Duke Melts Down At Right Wing Host: Donald Trump Is Up Ten Points Because Of Me [VIDEO]

Via Mediaite:

David Duke really lost it during an interview today with Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg. Malzberg couldn’t even get through the intro before Duke started shouting at and objecting to what he was saying.

He angrily ranted about how he’s referred to as an ex-KKK grand wizard when the late Democratic senator Robert Byrd was not afforded the same courtesy. Malzberg brought up his various issues with Jews and blacks before reminding Duke repeatedly that he actually was an ex-KKK grand wizard.

Duke ranted about the “controlled media” as Malzberg tried to move onto Donald Trump. Duke shouted “Let me finish, please!” to which Malzberg shot back, “I can’t play by your rules! I don’t want to waste time on this!”