BARBADOS: Hate Group Leaders To Conference On Thwarting LGBT Rights In The Caribbean

The World Congress of Families today fired out a press release announcing an April conference to be held in Barbados, where hate group leaders including Brian Brown and Focus On The Family’s Glenn Stanton will deliver speeches on thwarting LGBT rights in the Caribbean. From the announcement:

Dysfunctional family structures are a legacy of the Caribbean’s colonial past. Strong nations are built on strong families and the WCF conference will provide a platform for equipping leaders across the Caribbean to firmly define and passionately pursue core values regarding marriage, family and human sexuality.

The conference includes lectures by such distinguished international speakers as Brian Brown (National Organization for Marriage) on “Marriage as a Public Good: Why We Should Defend Marriage as Between One Man and One Woman” – Theresa Okafor (Foundation for African Cultural Heritage, Nigeria) “Parental Rights and the Convention on the Rights of Children” — Christine Vollmer (Latin American Alliance for the Family) “Values and Virtues Education” – Don Feder (WCF Coordinator of Regional Conferences) “The Sexual Revolution and Demographic Winter” – Joel Bockrath (Population Research Institute) “Population Issues and Coerced Abortion” – Tracy Klicka (Home School Legal Defence Association) “Home Education and the Rights of Families” — Susan Roylance (Howard Center for Family Religion & Society) “The Family and Sustainable Development Goals” — Dr. Nanci Coppola (Project Reach Inc.) “Pornography – The Silent Family Killer” – and Glenn Stanton (Focus on the Family) “How to Engage Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues with Love and Compassion.”

RELATED: Homosexuality is punishable in Barbados by life in prison, although prosecutions are rare. Barbados gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1966 and is one of 41 Commonwealth nations where homosexuality remains illegal.