AUSTRALIA: Malcolm Turnbull Becomes First Sitting Prime Minister To Attend Sydney’s Gay Mardi Gras

But he’s still blocking a vote on same-sex marriage. Perth Now reports:

It’S a parade of firsts at this year’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, despite it being the 38th edition of the iconic Sydney event. Malcolm Turnbull arrived to watch the parade, making it the first time a prime minister has attended the event.

Mr Turnbull was mobbed as he moved into the crowd, with many hands holding aloft mobile phones as members of the excited crowd tried to snap a selfie with the PM.

The member for Wentworth, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, has often visited the colourful party but he won’t be marching in this year’s event, unlike opposition leader Bill Shorten who is expected to roll down Oxford Street on one of the parade’s 175 floats. The dykes on bikes were the first to kick off the parade.