ARIZONA: Trump Supporter Charged For Viciously Punching And Kicking Protester [VIDEO]

From the New York Daily News:

Another day, another beatdown at a Trump rally. With the GOP frontrunner on stage, a Trump supporter at a rally in Tucson viciously assaulted a protester who was being led away. The disturbing melee pitted a kicking, punch-throwing Trump loyalist against Bryan Sanders, 33, a protester kicked out of the rally at 3 p.m. Saturday for chanting “liar” amid a rabid crowd. It was yet one more slice of mayhem following Trump and his screwball campaign across the country.

“I feel great that I’m not dead, but I am definitely in physical pain,” Sanders told the Daily News. The Tucson resident is nursing a swollen jaw and bruised ribcage after his alleged attacker, Tony Pettway, 32, landed a brutal sucker punch to Sanders’ right jaw. Pettway continued with a flurry of five to six punches before kicking and stomping on Sanders in a Tucson Arena stairwell.