TRAILER: Cauke For President

Yesterday Titan Media announced that it will pay $1M to disgraced former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock if he agrees to perform in one of their “hardcore” films. The stunt was timed as a lead-up to their coming take on the Schock scandal, Cauke For President. As you can see, this here website thingy plays the vehicle in which Sen. Mike Cauke is outed. From the trailer’s synopsis:

In these trying times, we need a real man with true family values to lead this nation. One that can make America gay… err, great again. Luckily there’s a brand new candidate that trumps all of the others and has all the big poles rising… unless a torrid sex scandal makes him go down. It’s your chance to show America you want Cauke for President!

Directed by Jasun Mark, Cauke For President tells the story of a hunky and homophobic U.S. Senator who bears a striking physical resemblance to former U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock. While he’s running for President, his clandestine sexual hook-up spirals into a tale of political intrigue and sex. It stars Matthew Bosch in his gay porn debut as the Senator. He is joined by Dallas Steele as his Chief of Staff/lover, and David Benjamin as the ruthless Campaign Manager willing to do anything to get the Senator elected.

The Senator uses to find a hot hook-up in the form of hunky Nick Prescott, who secretly records their sex romp to expose the Senator. The Senator’s loyal staff does everything they can to protect the him from the release of the sex tape. But in the end the video goes viral on, ending the campaign and destroying the Senator’s career. Or does it? Will the former Senator finally come out and become an advocate for the gay community that he once voted against? Will he have a Governor McGreevey moment and declare that he is a proud gay American? See Cauke For President!

In case you’re wondering, I did give permission for this. Hello haters, I now have a porn credit! Sort of! Be advised that the trailer below is PG-13 at the least and you probably won’t want to play this at work. At least not with the sound turned up. Also: Mike Cauke, get it?