TRAILER: Absolutely Fabulous, The Movie

The Telegraph recaps the clip:

The first trailer for AbFab: The Movie has just landed and as expected it’s pretty fabulous. We meet sweetie-darlings Patsy and Eddie in the Riviera (our money is on St Tropez) clinking pink cocktails with two unidentified gentleman on the beach. A cheesy voice-over says: “When you must have the best, be sure to choose something cool, something refreshing, something… absolutely fabulous.”

The one-minute long trailer doesn’t give away much about the plot, but is more like an advert for cocktails on the beach. We do know that many faces from the industry are starring in the film, including Kate Moss who was filmed emerging from the Thames in a green sequin gown with a glass of Bolly in her hand and a ‘ciggie’ in her mouth.

(Tipped by JMG reader Eric)