TEXAS: Bakery Refuses Wedding Cake For Gay Couple

This being a small town in Texas the couple has no legal recourse. From the Longview News-Journal:

A same-sex couple says they were saddened last week when a Longview bakery refused to bake their wedding cake, and the business owner said it would have offended her faith for the business to be linked to the event. Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo still plan to wed March 27, and the couple said they will cut a wedding cake prepared by a local baker who read of their plight on Facebook.

Edie Delorme [photo], co-owner of Kern’s with her husband, David, said she was up-front when the couple replied. “And when they said it was them, I said, ‘Sorry. We don’t provide cakes for homosexual marriages,'” she said. “It’s not against people or what they choose to be part of.”

It’s what they choose to make her business part of, she said. “If I went to a baker, a homosexual baker, and they didn’t want to provide a cake for an event that maybe celebrated marriage between a man and a woman, that would be OK for them to say, ‘That’s not in line with our values,'” Delorme said.

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