Ted Cruz: I’ll Be President Of Atheists Too

“I am a Christian and the Word says if you are ashamed of Jesus He will be ashamed of you. I don’t intend to have that conversation with my maker. It is an integral part of who I am my faith. Now, at the same time, I’m not running to be ‘Pastor-In-Chief.’ It is not the calling of a political leader to deliver the salvation message. That is the calling of us as believers, it’s the calling of a pastor but it’s a different role to be a political leader.

“My responsibility as president is to defend the constitutional rights of every American, to keep every American safe. At town halls I get people who periodically ask, ‘I’m an atheist why should I support you?’ Now, as a believer I hope that atheist will encounter the forgiving love of Jesus Christ but as a president, I intend to be a president of everybody, president of every faith.” – Ted Cruz, speaking today in South Carolina to the Christian Broadcasting Network.