Sarah Palin Spins Trump’s Second Place Finish

“Tonight = America wins, the permanent political class does not, and that is good! To restore Constitutional government the status quo has got to go; the Iowa caucus proves many Americans feel the same. The top three candidates, fueled by our independent, grassroots tea party movement, take 70% of the vote in this unique Iowa caucus. Now this healthy, hearty competition moves to NH, SC and beyond.

“Those of us proud to be on Team Trump thank Iowa supporters and look forward to forging ahead to make America great again with the candidate proving a record of success and strength that is so needed. The tangible Commonsense Conservative solutions requiring a doer, not a talker, will restore American exceptionalism. Onward and upward, America!” – Sarah Palin, calling last night a win even though Trump and Rubio won the same number of delegates.