Rafael Cruz: Satan Will Destroy America If President Obama Gets To Make SCOTUS Appointment [VIDEO]

Loony tunes Rafael Cruz appeared on CBN today to tell Pat Robertson that America will surely be destroyed if Obama gets to name Scalia’s successor, adding “with that [gay marriage] decision on June 26th, the devil overplayed his hand.” Right Wing Watch reports:

“We must return to the Judeo-Christian, the biblical, the constitutional foundations that this country was built upon,” he said, “otherwise this country will be destroyed.”

The elder Cruz then went on to say that Justice Antonin Scalia’s death could usher in America’s destruction: “This could tilt the balance of the court and could be something that would affect America for the next 30 years. We don’t have 30 years.”

He went on to falsely claim that “no nominee for the Supreme Court has been confirmed in the last year of the election” in over 80 years. (In fact, the last time that happened was in 1988 when Justice Anthony Kennedy was confirmed.) “The balance of the court cannot be tilted in a lame duck year, it’s just not done.”