NEW YORK CITY: Jurors See Taped Confession In 2013 Hate Crime Killing Of Gay Man [VIDEO]

From the New York Post:

Manhattan jurors were shown a cellphone video Thursday of homophobic killer Elliot Morales confessing to his crime before trying to lick the sidewalk in front of cops. “I fucking shot him dead!” Morales shouts, cackling, as several NYPD officers restrain him face-first on the pavement.

“Diagnosis dead, doctor!” he continues, laughing to the police. “They don’t teach you that in the academy, right?” Morales then tries to lick the pavement and lifts his head as if he’s about to slam it into the concrete, but a cop stops him.

The officer said that when he first arrived on the scene at Third Street near MacDougal Street, Morales told him, “I shot him dead. He deserved it. He was acting tough in front of his bitch.” The statement prompted Morrin to whip out his cellphone and record Morales, he said.

According to the Post, Morales is apparently arguing that he was too drunk to have formed the intent to kill. Earlier this month he was granted permission to represent himself. He is charged with second degree murder as a hate crime and faces life in prison. Hit the “Mark Carson” tag in this post for my many reports about the murder.