NEW HAMPSHIRE: State Marco Rubio Campaign Chairman Scuffles With Protesting “Marcobot” [VIDEO]

But it was in self-defense! From Breitbart:

The New Hampshire state chairman of the presidential campaign of Sen. Marco Rubio admitted in a Tuesday interview with Breitbart News that he was violent with an anti-Rubio protester dressed like a robot at an election day event today.

Cliff Hurst, the New Hampshire state chairman of the official Rubio campaign, admitted he physically roughed up the protester in an interview with Breitbart News—but claimed the protester started it. Hurst joined Rubio’s campaign from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s, just hours before Walker dropped out of the presidential race in 2015.

Hurst, wearing a green jacket, grabbed the protesterin a headlock and pulled him away from Sen. Rubio. “Why do you have your hands on me?” said the protester, whom Breitbart News can also reveal for the first time as progressive political activist Aaron Black, said to Hurst as Hurst manhandled him.

“Yeah, it was because when you’re attacked like that—he just attacked me,” Hurst said when asked to explain why he engaged in a physical altercation with the robot-costumed Black. “We were right crowded together and he just almost knocked me down.” In a separate exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Black said that the video proves Hurst’s account of events isn’t accurate.