Loony Linda Harvey: Parents Should Take To The Streets On Valentine’s Day To Protest Same-Sex Love

“What should draw parents nationwide to the streets in protest is the type of ‘love’ being promoted to vulnerable minors by adults in positions of seeming credibility. And on Valentine’s Day weekend, no less. The largest homosexual group in the country, the Human Rights Campaign, is sponsoring again this year a conference for teachers, youth counselors and youth themselves, February 12-14, near Dallas, Texas. Last year’s conference in Portland was radical enough. This year’s is even worse.

“Called ‘Time to Thrive,’ this presentation of legitimized sleaze is like so many aspects of the homosexual agenda directed to youth: The labels and terms are deceptive, because no child or teen will ‘thrive’ if they embrace homosexuality or gender confusion. And youth from homosexual clubs (‘gay-straight alliances) will join the adults on Valentine’s Day ( Feb. 14) in a track for youth, ‘ages 13 to 22.’

“What does a 22-year-old have in common with a 13-year-old? Little or nothing, especially not in a conference about deviant sexuality. How can we protect America’s children from such cultural rot?” – Loony Linda Harvey, writing for World Net Daily.