Kylie Minogue Throw Legal Shade As “Secondary” Reality Star Kylie Jenner Tries To Trademark First Name

Kardashian clan member Kylie Jenner has filed federal trademark applications for her first name. Not having it is gay icon Kylie Minogue, whose representation has fired back with enough legal shade to put Hollywood’s sunblock vendors out of business. Minogue’s opposing filing pointedly notes that Jenner is “home-schooled” and calls her a “secondary reality show personality” who only plays a “supporting role to her half-sisters.” Suh-nap.

Minogue’s response also declares that granting Jenner the trademark will “dilute” Minogue’s brand, which already appears on a vast array of consumer products including fragrances, cosmetics, handbags, and calendars. Her filing further touts Minogue’s work on behalf of breast cancer and AIDS research, while slamming Jenner’s social media posts for having “drawn criticism from the Disability Rights and African-American communities.”kmtweet