Hobby Lobby CEO David Green Endorses Marco Rubio Because Trump Doesn’t Give “The Glory To God”

Via World Net Daily:

The CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby, the company at the heart of one of the court battles for religious freedom in this country – via a case that sought exemption from a government mandate to provide abortion-inducing drugs in employee health-care plans – gave his thumbs-up to Sen. Marco Rubio for president, calling front-runner Donald Trump’s lack of humility a frightening leadership characteristic.

“Marco Rubio has impressed us with his preparation and the way he carries himself,” said David Green, who is voting on Super Tuesday in his home state of Oklahoma, the Hill reported. “But most importantly, Marco regularly exhibits humility and gives the glory to God. I don’t see humility in Mr. Trump and that scares me to death.”

And in his written statement, he took one more shot at Trump, with this: “Our family business that we began with $600 has quite possibly been more successful than Mr. Trump’s but that doesn’t make either of us qualified to be president. And unlike Mr. Trump, we give all the credit to God.”