Headline Of The Day

JMG reader Scott points us to this wailing story from Christian News:

The embattled Tex-Mex restaurant chain Chipotle, which was founded by an open homosexual and is known for being vocal for its support for “gay rights,” closed all of its more than 2,000 restaurants on Monday to address the food safety issues that have plagued the company nationwide.

According to reports, Chipotle officials held a virtual town hall meeting with employees to discuss necessary changes after over 500 customers reported becoming sick after eating the food chain since last July. The company dealt with accusations of making consumers ill with the norovirus, salmonella and E. coli and was leveled with a lawsuit over the matter.

As previously reported, Ells is an open homosexual, and the company has participated in numerous homosexual pride events nationwide, including the Capital Pride parade in Washington, D.C. and the Philly Pride parade in Philadelphia.

In 2013, the chain utilized a float upon which sat a man riding a giant burrito wrapped in tin foil. On the side of the float was a sign that read “So big you can ride it,” with an image of a rainbow-wrapped burrito in the center. Some considered the float as being sexually suggestive or making a reference to sodomy.

I still have the “Homo Esta?” button Chipotle was giving out at NYC Pride a couple of years ago. Christian News uses Disqus.