GOD COPS: Family Research Council Backs Campaign To Emblazon “In God We Trust” On All Police Cars

Via press release from Tony Perkins:

Police in one North Carolina county got a different kind of offering from Fairview Baptist Church: car decals. The stickers are part of a nationwide push to put “In God We Trust” on the fleets of law enforcers. From Florida and Texas to the Carolinas and Virginia, policemen are combatting the negativity about law enforcement by proudly posting “In God We Trust” on their fleets. No one knows quite how it started, but local communities have been pitching in and paying for the decals on tens of thousands of cars.

Rutherford County Sheriff Chris Francis is the latest to join in, saying he was grateful that the church gave local law enforcers “an opportunity to show our patriotism.” “I want to make sure that my deputy sheriffs know what ‘In God We Trust’ means,” he told reporters. “And how blessed we are to be citizens in America, to live in Western North Carolina and to be able to support our nation’s motto.” If there’s criticism of the cars’ new look, he doesn’t mind. “I’m sure that there will be many positive remarks,” Francis said. “But I’m sure that with every decision I make I won’t make everyone happy.” Still, he lamented, “I wish that more localities would show their patriotism, show what they believe in,” Francis said. “I think our nation would be in a different place if they would.”

Just as he said so, Virginia Sheriff J.D. Diggs announced that York County is adding the motto to all of his patrol cars — one of the many places where the idea has caught fire. “The legislatures and courts approve,” he pointed out, “and God is most certainly approving of this.” It may seem like a small thing, but this is a great way for churches to have an influence on their community. If more pastors came alongside local leaders and encouraged them, there’s no limit to the impact they could have. The more people who see the connection between God and government, the better!

“E Pluribus Unum” was considered the unofficial motto of the United States until Congress formally adopted “In God We Trust” during the height of the Cold War. Hundreds of photos like the one above can already be found on Google Image.