Glenn Beck: I Didn’t Say That Thing About God Killing Scalia So Let Me Kind Of Say It Again Right Now

“As I am driving to the airport to come home I check the news. Apparently the MSM is reporting that I said ‘God killed Scalia to help Ted Cruz.’ Outrageous. What I did say is ‘perhaps God allowed Scalia to die at this time to wake America up to how close we are to the loss of our freedom.’ I happen to believe in divine providence. Americans historically have. Maybe you do not. That is your choice and I do not mock you for not. Why mock me for believing in a traditional view of God?

“Maybe He did, maybe He didn’t. Are we awake to our sorry state? I am not sure. If the freedom that we are about to lose belongs to God for future generations, it would only make sense that He would try to wake us. No? He gives us free choice. Who He wants as president I do not know. What path He wants America to take to best preserve His rights and roles for us, I do not know. The event is in the hand of God. No matter how the press wants to twist my words or meaning, I stand by we need to be awakened.” – Glenn Beck, posting to his Facebook page.