Freedom To Marry Launches Legacy Site As Model For Other Nations Moving Towards Marriage Equality

Freedom To Marry has relaunched its website to serve as an instructive tool for overseas activists pursuing marriage equality in their own nations. Evan Wolfson writes:

What a journey it was – full of pain, injustice, loss, and sacrifice, but also, of course, love, hope, confidence, trust, transformation, and, ultimately, triumph. Through hard work, we held America to its promise, inspired tens of millions around the world, and made countless lives better. Love won. We all won.

As we now wind down this campaign, and close our doors at Freedom to Marry – strategy fulfilled and goal met – I want to share with you the new that we’ve built to tell the story of how it all happened and to share resources and the lessons we learned along the way.

The Freedom to Marry campaign is over, but we know that the great work of making our country more just and advancing human rights around the globe is far from done. We hope that the Freedom to Marry model and our movement’s achievement – and the lessons we are sharing through our enduring website – will be of value to anyone working to change hearts, minds, and the law, and make the world better.

One last time from Freedom to Marry: Farewell, Thank you. Stay engaged.