Christian Activists To Debate Executing Homosexuals

Today anti-LGBT Christian activist Michael Brown published a column for the viciously anti-LGBT Charisma News in which he denounced fellow anti-LGBT Christian activist Ted Shoebat for his many calls to execute homosexuals. Shoebat responded on Twitter by challenging Brown to a debate on this aspect of Christian Love™ and Brown has accepted. From the opening to Brown’s column:

In a very troubling video, Theodore Shoebat, son of former Muslim Walid Shoebat, has claimed that if “sodomites” had walked into the temple of Jerusalem, Jesus would have killed them. This is absolutely outrageous, totally unscriptural and downright dangerous. Mr. Shoebat, I urge you to repent.

To be perfectly clear, I agree with Theodore that homosexual practice is detestable in God’s sight (as stated plainly in the Scriptures); I totally oppose same-sex “marriage”; and I firmly believe that homosexual activism is the principle threat to our freedoms of religion, speech, and conscience. I also share Theodore’s abhorrence of the abusive acts of homosexual predators, just as I abhor the abusive acts of heterosexual predators.

At the same time, I categorically reject his encouragement of violent acts against homosexual men and women, and I renounce his statement that Jesus would have killed homosexuals who walked into the temple. That is utter rubbish. Not only is this not supported anywhere in the New Testament, which teaches us to overcome evil with good (see, for example, Romans 12:17-21), but it is flatly against the law, since, as much as we may oppose these gay demonstrations, we do not have the right to take the law into our hands and attack homosexual men and women. And if you have God’s heart of love and you want to see them saved and transformed, why would you want to beat them up?

Somehow yours truly got mentioned in their Twitter exchange.deb3 deb4 deb1 deb2deb5 deb6It’s rather comical that Matt Barber now denounces Shoebat considering that it was Barber who published multiple columns from Shoebat on his own site, BarbWire. Those columns were quietly deleted only after several posts about them here on JMG.

RELATED: Also today, Shoebat posted a video in which he celebrates this weekend’s “noble act” in which Peruvian police beat gay activists with batons for “blaspheming God” by kissing in public.

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