CHARLOTTE: Man Mocks Trans People By Proclaiming Himself “Gender Royal” At Rights Hearing [VIDEO]

Dominic Holden recaps last night’s insanity at Charlotte’s hearing on LGBT rights:

More than 100 people packed a council hearing before the vote. Self-identified Christian conservatives, many furious, expressed fear the nondiscrimination law would allow transgender people — and men posing as trans — to sexually assault women in restrooms. They also worried about their religious freedom, saying the bill would force them to promote LGBT values in violation of their faith.

One man — dressed up as a king and waving a scepter — mocked transgender people by proclaiming, “I identify as gender royal … Anyone who does not bow and call me your highness shall be fined.”

When the man refused to stop yelling, Mayor Jennifer Roberts threatened to have him removed from the room. She also asked anti-transgender speakers to show “human decency.”

One woman compared transgender people to someone who thinks they are a bird or cat, while another compared transgender people to drivers traveling the wrong direction on freeways.