Bryan Fischer: Homosexuals Need Depends

Bryan Fischer and Porno Pete are exulting today over a study just issued by the British science periodical Nature which links buttsex to “anal incontinence.” While the survey doesn’t break down the respondents by sexual orientation, both haters are overlooking the inconvenient fact that more than eight times as many women reported having anal sex than the men did, making it vividly clear that heterosexual men REALLY like hitting that female no-no spot.

From the study’s abstract:

Overall, 4,170 adults aged 20–69 years (2,070 women and 2,100 men) completed sexual behavior questionnaires and responded to fecal incontinence questions. Anal intercourse was higher among women (37.3%) than men (4.5%), P<0.001.

Fecal incontinence rates were higher among women (9.9 vs. 7.4%, P=0.05) and men (11.6 vs. 5.3%, P=0.03) reporting anal intercourse compared with those not reporting anal intercourse. After multivariable adjustment for other factors associated with fecal incontinence, anal intercourse remained a predictor of fecal incontinence among women (POR: 1.5; 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.0–2.0) and men (POR: 2.8; 95% CI: 1.6–5.0).

Conclusions: The findings support the assessment of anal intercourse as a factor contributing to fecal incontinence in adults, especially among men.

Women’s Health reacts:

One important fact worth pointing out: The study didn’t look at how often someone engages in anal sex, so they can’t say whether it takes just one time to up your chances or if it’s something you have to do on a regular basis to be at risk. Also, other factors that can cause incontinence, like surgery, childbirth, and certain diseases, could be at play. Still, you can get in on the butt action without damaging your precious derriere. Your best bet is doing kegels, which can help to strengthen your sphincter—and remember to always use lube to prevent painful tearing.