Tony Perkins Has The Gun Control Sadz: Obama Is Wiping His Feet On The US Constitution

“The media’s focus may have been on the president’s tears during his gun control speech, but it should have been on the cries of freedom-loving Americans. After seven years of watching the administration wipe its feet on the Constitution, this latest power grab epitomizes everything people have come to resent about the White House.

“This week, the president’s impersonation of the legislative branch got personal with the announcement of a four-point plan to curb one of the country’s most important rights: to keep and bear arms.

“President Obama insists his orders are entirely consistent with the Second Amendment. And I suppose Americans are supposed to take his word for it? A man whose administration is synonymous with lawlessness? A man who’s been rebuked by the highest courts in the country for his overreach on everything from recess appointments to immigration?

“Anyone with a seventh grade education knows that the executive branch isn’t supposed to legislate. But that’s never stopped the Obama administration. It’s time for the president to start working with Congress the way the Constitution intended it. If the founders wanted a king, they’d have stayed British subjects.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.