There’s A High Heel-Shaped Church For Ladies

In fact, it’s for attractive ladies. Cosmo mocks:

According to, the very large glass shoe you see above is actually a new church built in Chiayi, Taiwan, for the purpose of bringing all the women to the congregation’s yard. Really — the church was built with “particularly attractive” tourists in mind and will open for the Lunar New Year in February. Can your girl brain even with the prettiness of it all!? Does your entirely shoe-focused mind even know how to process this?? No word on who thought of and realized the whole concept but bet it starts with an M and ends with an E-N.

More from the Daily Mail:

Zheng Rongfeng, spokesman of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, said there will be a total of 100 female-oriented features in the church, among which 71 have been finished. They include chairs for ‘lovers,’ maple leaves, biscuits and cakes – all ideal for romantic photographs. Since construction of the stunning high-heeled church began, many tourists have been flocking to the area to take pictures. Although the reports say this is a church catered towards female worshippers, it is unclear what type of church it is.

(Via Christian Nightmares)