Taiwan Elects Pro-Gay Marriage President

Taiwan has elected Tsai Ing-wen, its first female president. She also backs same-sex marriage. From the New York Times:

Taiwan has some of the most progressive policies on LGBT rights in Asia, and Tsai has vocally supported expanding them to include same sex marriage.

A campaign video that she released on Cixi, Chinese Valentine’s Day, last August, included three same sex couples. When the biggest gay pride parade in Asia took place in Taipei at the end of October, she reiterated these views in a video that she posted on her Facebook page and shared more than 3000 times.

“When it comes to love, everyone is equal,” Tsai says in the video. “I am Tsai Ing-wen, and I support marriage equality. Every person should be able to look for love freely, and freely seek their own happiness.”

Tsai’s Democratic People’s Party now controls Taiwan’s parliament for the first time since the nation was founded, meaning a majority vote on same-sex marriage is now possible. Same-sex marriage has not yet been made legal by any Asian nation.