Rubio Tries To Out-Wingnut Everybody [VIDEO]

In recent days Marco Rubio tried to out-Jesus everybody with a campaign ad about his faith and out-jock everybody with an ad which touted his college football days. Today he tries to out-wingnut everybody in a clip with trumpets his 100% rating from the Family Research Council. Via The Hill:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has released a new ad for his GOP presidential campaign boasting about his conservative credentials. The spot released Thursday touts glowing reviews from a number of right-leaning organizations.

It spotlights “100 percent” rankings from the National Right to Life Committee, Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks. The ad also boasts about Rubio’s “98 percent” from the American Conservative Union, his “97 percent” from Club for Growth and his “96 percent” from Heritage Action for America.

Other plaudits include an “A” rankings from the National Rifle Association and the National Taxpayers Union, as well as a “Taxpayer Superhero” title from Citizens Against Government Waste. The clip also has various luminaries from the conservative movement heaping praise on the Florida lawmaker.

Right-wing pundit Glenn Beck, for example, predicts Rubio would “crush” Hillary Clinton should he win the GOP’s presidential nomination. “He will crush Hillary Clinton – crush her,” Beck, a vocal opponent of GOP front-runner Donald Trump, said.