Pew Survey: 38% Say Trump Would Be Terrible

Hillary didn’t do so great either. From Pew Research:

A year before the next president takes office, voters are skeptical that any of the leading 2016 candidates would make a good president. Moreover, of nine candidates included in the survey, far more voters say each would make a “terrible” than “great” president.

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted Jan. 7-14 among 2,009 adults, including 1,525 registered voters, finds that 35% of voters say that Hillary Clinton would make either a good or great president, with 11% saying she would be great. More voters (44%) say Clinton would be either poor or terrible in the White House; 28% say she would be terrible. About one-in-five (18%) think Clinton would make an average president.

Nearly a third (31%) say Donald Trump would be either a good or great president; 11% say he would be great. Roughly half (52%) think Trump would make a poor or terrible president, with 38% saying he would be terrible. Just 12% think Trump would be an average president.

Views of other candidates as potential presidents – Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – are more mixed. Three-in-ten (30%) say Sanders would be either a good or great president, while 35% say he would be poor or terrible, and 22% say he would be average. About as many voters say Cruz would be great or good in the White House (28%) as say he would be poor or terrible (31%); 28% say he would be average. Similarly, voters have divided views of Rubio as president: 25% say he would be good or great, 28% poor or terrible and 33% average.