Pamela Geller Slams Sarah Palin: She’s A Huge Phony

Of all people you’d expect to be in the Trump/Palin corner it would be raving xenophobe Pam Geller. Not by a longshot and mostly because of that time Trump was mean to her. She writes for Breitbart:

Ted Cruz stood with us after we were attacked by jihadis at our American Freedom Defense Initiative free speech event in Garland, Texas last May. Donald Trump, by contrast, attacked us. Does Sarah Palin support that?

Donald Trump is a big donor to the Clinton Foundation. Does Sarah Palin support that? Whether Sarah Palin still has the influence in conservative circles that she once did remains to be seen, but I think that her endorsement of Trump damages her far more than it does Cruz. It shows her unequivocally for what she really is: a phony. And a huge disappointment to free people everywhere.

Above is just the conclusion to a long rant. Hit the link for the rest.