New York Daily News: She’s With Stupid

From the New York Daily News:

Just when you thought it was safe to take politics seriously again, gaffe-prone Sarah Palin stepped back on the presidential stage Tuesday to endorse her spotlight-loving, soulmate — Donald Trump.

Palin, the former Alaska governor turned vice presidential candidate turned political pundit, stood side by side with the billionaire business mogul turned casino owner turned Republican presidential front-runner to tell an Ames, Iowa, crowd how Trump will save America.

“I am here because, like you, I know it is now or never,” Palin told the cheering crowd. “I’m in it to win it because I believe in America and I believe in our freedom. He is the master of the art of the deal,” Palin said. “He is the one who would know what to negotiate.”

In case, like many, you cannot bear the screech of Palin’s voice, the Daily News has published the full transcript of last night’s word salad.