JACKSONVILLE: Man Objects To Proposed LGBT Rights Bill Because He’s A Pedophile [VIDEO]

This probably takes the prize for the most bizarre story of the week. Via Jacksonville’s WJXT-TV:

A heated debate Tuesday night over the expansion of Jacksonville’s Human Rights Ordinance took a disturbing turn. When the City Council opened the floor to public comment on the proposal, a man admitted to sexually molesting children.

Roy Bay was there to voice his opposition on expanding Jacksonville’s human rights ordinance to include LGBT citizens. Bay was talking about some of his personal experiences when he said this:

“I lived most of my life sexually assaulting kids and never went to jail. Because why? Kids believed me that hey this is, you’re alright son. This is not a problem. Okay? This happens in homosexual lifestyle,” Bay said.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) is investigating Bay’s comments, which he made in front of hundreds of people. A News4Jax attorney verified that there is no statute of limitations in sexual cases involving victims under the age of 12.

Bay has a history of arrests for traffic infractions and civil contempt. I’ll update this story as more is known. In the video below, Bay claims to have been first molested by a man in a public restroom, but he’s since been set free “as a child of God.”

(Tipped by Matt Rettenmund)