IOWA: Glenn Beck Endorses Ted Cruz

One day after he declared that Donald Trump has the makings of the next Adolf Hitler, Glenn Beck formally endorsed Ted Cruz while standing next to fellow nutjobs David Barton and Bob Vander Plaats. CBS News reports:

Conservative media personality Glenn Beck is endorsing Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, announcing the news Saturday on social media. The news comes just days after Sarah Palin — another conservative firebrand often allied with Beck — threw her weight behind Cruz’s chief rival for the GOP nomination, Donald Trump. Beck appeared at an Ankeny, Iowa, rally with Cruz on Saturday along with Rep. Steve King and socially conservative activists Bob Vander Plaats and David Barton. ” I am here to announce that I am officially endorsing Ted Cruz,” Beck said to loud applause. Of Beck’s endorsement, Cruz said on stage, “Wow. Can you tell that I’m speechless?”