California Hate Group Leader Randy Thomasson: Don’t Vote For LGBT Rights Supporter Donald Trump

Randy Thomasson, head of the viciously anti-LGBT group Save California, today issued a press release in which he urges fellow crackpots not to support fake conservative Donald Trump, whose love for LGBT rights proves that he hates White Jesus. He writes:

Talk is cheap and campaign promises are a little better. But what you’ve done in the past is the most reliable indicator of what you’ll do in the future. The leading Republican presidential candidates both say they support family values, but the actual records of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz reveal whether this is true or false.

Thomasson lists Trump’s sins:

He wants a new federal law punishing private business owners who won’t hire homosexuals or transsexuals. He is for open homosexuality and transsexuality in the U.S. military. He supports pro-“LGBT” “hate crime” laws. He opposes a constitutional amendment protecting marriage for only a man and a woman. He supports making every state perform homosexual “weddings”. He enjoyed attending a same-sex “marriage” ceremony.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In 2015 Thomasson called on governors to authorize their states’ National Guard to stop same-sex marriages from taking place. In 2014 Thomasson launched a campaign calling on Christians to refuse to buy the Harvey Milk stamp. Also in 2014 Thomasson declared that gay Americans have no right to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Early that year he called on Christians to boo a gay couple as they passed on that year’s Rose Bowl Parade float. In 2013 Thomasson called on California’s county clerks to defy the Supreme Court on Prop 8. Also that year Thomasson called for Christian parents to keep their kids home on the Day Of Silence. In 2012 Thomasson had a hissy fit over the renaming of a San Diego street for Harvey Milk. In 2011 Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would  “unleash a tsunami of perversity” that would include “mock gay weddings” at public schools. In 2010 Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would include “cross-dressing contests” and that Milk endorsed pedophilia. In 2009 Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would mean that California had passed Massachusetts in the “sexual indoctrination of children.”