America’s Most & Least “Bible-Minded” Cities

Here’s a ranking of cities based on whether their residents claim to read the bible every week. From the American Family Association:

Only two of America’s 100-largest media market cities are left that have populations where 50 percent or more of their residents are considered Bible-minded, according to a massive nationwide study. The American Bible Society and The Barna Group’s annual survey, which included interviews with more than 65,000 Americans over the past decade, has divulged that only Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Birmingham, Alabama, can boast that more than half of their residents report reading the Bible in a typical week, while strongly asserting that biblical principles are accurate. And the least Bible-minded cities? Albany, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts, won this distinction, where only about one in 10 of their residents highly regard the Bible and its teachings in their lives.

Here’s the top 10.
BMM1And here’s the bottom 10.bmm2The full list is here in tiny print. New York City ranks at #11 on the bottom list.