World Net Daily: Obama Could Make Millions By Writing A Memoir About Having Been Born In Kenya

“Obama’s legion of minions, by the way, still claim to this day that Trump’s repeated calls for Obama to release his birth certificate also ‘disqualify’ him from running for president.

“One in-the-tank supporter, Gloria Steinem, had this to say: ‘He was a birther. He should be disqualified on the single fact he was accusing President Obama of not being a legitimate president. He was like chief of the birthers!’

“Actually, Trump wasn’t the chief. That role would belong to one of two people – me or, my colleague, Jerome Corsi, who wrote the bestselling book, ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?; The rise of that book to No. 1 on Amazon prompted Obama to the desperate measure of manufacturing a long-form birth certificate. Trump rightly called that document a ‘fake’ at the time.

“Maybe history will judge Obama more honestly. Maybe 20 years from now, when it no longer matters, the truth will come out about his eligibility scam. Maybe Obama himself will get millions of dollars by revealing it all in his memoirs.” – Just For Men spokesmodel Joseph Farah, writing for World Net Daily.