Turmoil At Dr. Stabby’s Campaign

An interesting interview with the Associated Press today:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Wednesday he is moving toward a major shake-up of his struggling campaign, with just six weeks to go until early voting begins to select party nominees.

In an interview with the Associated Press at his Maryland home — conducted without the knowledge of his own campaign manager — Carson said “personnel changes” could be coming, suggesting he is about to sideline his top aides.

“Everything. Everything is on the table,” he said of the potential changes. “Every single thing is on the table. I’m looking carefully.”

Carson’s longtime business adviser Armstrong Williams put more bluntly: “Dr. Carson is back in charge, and I’m so happy to see that,” he said. Williams himself has publicly feuded with the paid political professionals brought in to run Carson’s campaign.

As hinted above, this is all news to the Carson campaign:

When reached for comment on the matter, Carson’s campaign manager, Barry Bennett would not respond immediately. Mainly, he stressed, because he had no idea what the AP was talking about. “I’m getting ready to have a conversation with him,” said Bennett. “Why don’t I have that conversation and call you back.”

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