Scarlett Johannson Sings With Barry Manilow For (RED) Shopathon AIDS Fundraiser [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel devoted last night’s show to World AIDS Day, where the delightful clip below made its debut. Ad Age is raving:

There’s nothing remotely earnest about this goofy, charming video promoting (SHOPATHON) RED, a month-long fund-raising effort for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, which launches today (World AIDS Day). From the start, when we see Jimmy Kimmel dialing the phone to ask a favor of Barry Manilow, it’s clear this is a comedic short. The legendary singer-songwriter, sitting at his piano, answers: “Hello, this Barry Manilow, I write the songs that make the whole world sing, how may I help you?” Jimmy needs a jingle for (SHOPATHON) RED, and he needs Barry to write it. Barry, of course, agrees. In short order, actress Scarlett Johansson materializes to serve as Barry’s muse, and she starts singing a song that he’s writing in real time. There are a few false starts and stumbles along the way, but by the end, Scarlett proclaims Barry’s peppy jingle to be “catchy.”

The (RED) Shopathon site is here.

BONUS CLIP: In a separate promotion, Johannson plays a shopping channel host named Paisley Mantooth who plugs a variety of (RED) items.