Sarah Palin Does Her Tina Fey Impression [VIDEO]

Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend to renew her famed impression of Sarah Palin. Today Palin returns the favor in a video from the group that gave us Ted Cruz frying bacon on a gun and Lindsey Graham destroying his cell phone in a blender. Via Mediaite:

Palin stars in the newest IJR video in a parody of 30 Rock called “31 Rock”, in a video that cameos the aforementioned Graham and even Palin’s ’08 running mate John McCain. Palin plays Liz Melon (a slight departure from Fey’s Emmy-winning character Liz Lemon) and McCain stands in as a pseudo Jack Donaghy. 30 Rock‘s own Kevin Brown, better known as Dot Com, also plays opposite Palin in the parody, which is complete with several pretty great impressions of Fey’s character.

Watch for Lindsey Graham as Kenneth the page.