Ryan Anderson: It’s Easier For Gays To Come Out Than It Is For Christians To Come Out As Anti-Gay

“The day of the Obergefell decision, the White House was lit up in rainbow colors. Every prominent member of the Democratic Party is in favor of LGBT legislation. Most prominent, 89 percent of the Fortune 500 countries, voluntarily have enacted these protections.

“If you are a conservative Evangelical at a major law firm or at an Ivy League university, you have a much harder time coming out of the closet as a conservative Evangelical than you do coming out as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

That’s an empirical question but my experience at Princeton, and that was a decade ago, that it was much more of a contentious subject to say that you were opposed to same-sex marriage than to say that you were in favor of it.” – Ryan Anderson, speaking to the Christian Post.