PHILADELPHIA: More Jury Questions In Bashing Case

This morning the jury in Philadelphia’s trial for accused gay-basher Kathryn Knott once again sent requests to the judge. The Philly Voice reports:

The jury requested police statements given by Knott and Elizabeth Foley, a defense witnesses who was among Knott’s group of 15 people on the night of the incident.

However, Knott never gave a statement to police. Her attorney, Loius Busico, requested the jury not be told that information to “avoid the obvious inference of guilt.”

Common Pleas Judge Roxanne Covington agreed, saying the jury would be provided with an innocuous reason for not being provided with a statement from Knott, unless the jury pressed.

The Court of Common Pleas jury – comprised of eight women and four men – spent a full day deliberating Wednesday after receiving instructions from Covington. Despite reviewing videos shown throughout the trial and requesting police statements of the alleged victims and four witnesses, it did not reach a verdict.

Many local reporters are at the courthouse today. One of them sent the below message just now.phillytweetUPDATE: Something is happening but nobody knows