New Ad Compares Trump To Hitler [VIDEO]

Via press release:

Today, the Agenda Project Action Fund has released the first installment of their new multi-ad, yearlong campaign against the fascist and racist rhetoric being utilized by the Republican Party, particularly that coming from the party’s front-runner Donald Trump. In wake of the Republican presidential candidate’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States, the Agenda Project has started the launch of an ongoing “Anti-Fascism” campaign, aimed at exposing this type of language as that of fear mongering, bigoted fascists that America should fear… if we have learned anything from 1930’s Germany.

“We have to ask ourselves: what kind of country do we want to be? One that stands up to hatred and lives up to the principles enshrined in the Constitution and inscribed on the Statue of Liberty or one that rules by fear and subjugation of individuals we deem different,” said Erik Altieri, president of the Agenda Project, “We must unite against this bigotry or we risk losing everything we represent as a nation.”