Harlem Hate Pastor James David Manning Warns: If You Disrupt My Church We Will Murder Your Family And Then Piss On Their Graves [VIDEO]

Early this week Harlem hate Pastor James David Manning was among the group of black clergy who met with Donald Trump. In the clip below, Manning recounts how one of the pastors at the meeting  (whom he refers to with the N-word) mentioned apologizing to his congregation after protesters allegedly “stormed the pulpit.” Pastor Manning would like you to know what will happen if anybody tries that at his church.

“You come to the ATLAH World Missionary Church, you try to get to the pulpit or you try to get anywhere and put hands on me or Elizabeth, here’s what’s gonna happen. The men of the church are going to immediately leave the service and find your family members and castrate the men and slit the throats of the women. That’s what the men of the church are gonna do. We’re gonna find all your family members. And then the men of the church are gonna piss on the graves of your ancestors.”

Jesus is love, you guys!