Cruz Picks Up Another Hate Group Endorsement

Iowa’s virulently anti-LGBT Bob Vander Plaats, head of the Family Leader, has joined NOM in endorsing Ted Cruz. Via Right Wing Watch:

Vander Plaats is one of several right-wing figures to coalesce behind Cruz, who has attracted the support of ultraconservative activists like Troy Newman, who wishes the government would execute abortion providers; Ron Baity, a pastor who links gay rights to Ebola; Flip Benham, a convicted abortion doctor stalker who holds protests at gay couples’ weddings; Sandy Rios, a virulently anti-LGBT radio host and hate group official; Dick Black, a Virginia lawmaker with noxious views on marital rape and “baby pesticide”; and Cynthia Dunbar, who thinks gay rights advocacy is “the same type of thing that was done in pre-Holocaust Germany.” While Vander Plaats and Trump would have made a strong team, as they are both birthers who admire Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Iowa activist said that Trump disqualified himself when he failed to show up at last month’s family forum.

You might recall that Vander Plaats was alleged to have sold his 2012 endorsement to Frothy Mix in return for a $1 million “donation.” The complaint filed by activist Fred Karger was just dismissed by the FEC a few days ago.