CINCINNATI: City Council Bans Ex-Gay Torture [VIDEO]

Over the loud complaints of religious leaders, last night the Cincinnati City Council voted to ban ex-gay torture. The move was taken partly in memory of Ohio transgender teen Leelah Alcorn, who committed suicide last year by throwing herself into the path of a truck. reports:

Almost two dozen pastors and citizens packed Cincinnati Council Chambers on Wednesday in an organized effort to stop a proposed city ban on so-called “conversion” therapy for gay youth. In the end, council voted 7-2 to pass the law, which prohibits therapy designed to change sexual orientation or gender identity for minors, and imposes a $200-a-day fine on violators. Cincinnati follows four states – California, Oregon, Illinois and New Jersey – and the District of Columbia banning the therapy, becoming the first city outside of D.C. to do so.

The vote was spearheaded by openly gay City Councilman Chris Seelbach, who in 2013 was named a Champion Of Change by the Obama administration. Earlier this year President Obama denounced ex-gay torture, but a national ban has seen little traction in Congress. The video report below preceded last night’s final vote.