Bernie Sanders Campaign Threatens To Sue DNC For “Holding Hostage” Their Voter Database [VIDEO]

Earlier today the Democratic National Committee suspended the Sanders campaign from accessing its own voter database information after it was revealed that a programming glitch had allowed Sanders staffers to also view Clinton campaign information. This afternoon the Sanders campaign vowed in a televised press conference to take the DNC to court if it continues to “hold hostage” their information. From The Hill:

“If the Democratic National Committee holds our data hostage…we will be in federal court this afternoon seeking relief,” said Jeff Weaver, who said the party had an “inappropriate reaction” to reports that a Sanders campaign staffer accessed Hillary Clinton voter data. “By their action the leadership of the Democratic National Committee is now trying to undermine our campaign” by keeping the Sanders campaign from accessing its own data. “They are not going to sabotage our campaign.”

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz just appeared on CNN where she denounced the Sanders campaign for objecting to their punishment. Wasserman-Shultz compared the actions of the Sanders campaign to a burglar who blames a homeowner for leaving their door unlocked. CNN pundits and anchor Wolf Blitzer are already making Watergate comparisons. The issue is now expected to dominate tomorrow’s Democratic debate.